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The Hands of The Great Potter

Posted by on in Staff News
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      Reflecting back on this past month in Mexico, I feel so blessed and I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve along side of the people at The Casa in El Higo. Not only did I get to serve them and serve with them, but they served me in being the hands and feet of Jesus. As i look at the last month and look at what all God did I see the changes that took place in peoples hearts.

      My prayer going into this month was that God would shape my heart. That he would mold me in his image. Give me eyes to see things like he does, and ears to listen and hear things as he does. To say that he provided me with these things would be an understatement. Not only did he provide and bless me with surrounding me with beautiful children, wise adults, and encouraging friends, he blessed me with his heart, his eyes, and his ears. Jesus molded my heart, and the hearts around me. I was impacted by seeing the power of the grace of God and what happens when someone accepts it. I saw children slowly begin to trust again, feel true joy again, and feel safe again. I saw the joy of a child coming into the room with a plate, and parents waiting for them. 

       My dream from my first trip here to The Casa has been to come back and serve for a longer amount of time. To live in a different culture, meet new people, and to be totally reliant on God. So when this dream became a reality and when I felt the Lord calling me back, I was nothing short of excited, and expectant. I was ready to say yes, and go out and be apart of something greater than myself. But it was greater than I could have ever dreamed, and he had a plan further than i could ever see. The Casa has tought me so much about myself and how God sees me not only this month but every time i have been here. Whether that was through the joy and the love that the children have for the Lord. Through the faith and the strength that David and Cristina have. Or through the constant joy and presense of the Lord, I have learned so much. I have also learned a lot about God and who he is to me. He is my provider, constantly providing me with things i could never reach on my own. He is my strength, stronger than I could ever be, and his love for me is endless. Nothing compares to the great hands of our father. 

      Never in my life would I have thought that Mexico would have hold of my heart. Growing up you dream of your Prince Charming, your dream job, and your perfect children. Where you will live, what your house will look like, and the type of kitchen you will have. All of these things are great to dream about, to picture yourself in 10 years, but none of this is going to fullfill your heart. When you give those dreams up to Jesus, surrendering your heart, your dreams, and your passions to him, it can be so scary, but it is so worth it. Jesus took my dream of a perfect, cookie cutter life, and turned it upside down. My dreams and passions are nothing but big God dreams, and I’m so excited that The Casa is apart of them. I feel so fulfilled, so purposeful, and so valued. I am so much more reliant on God, and if he didn’t show up, I would fall flat on my face. 

      The plan God has for my life is a mystery to me, and I’m okay with that. We dont need to know what, why, and how. Our minds cant even begin to comprehend that great big plan he has for us. We only need to trust in the plan and look at how he has provided and remained faithful in our life’s. Our hearts are constantly being molded by the hands of the great potter. He is molding my heart into his image, and at times it hurts, but I’m so grateful. 

      This place has and will forever have a special place in my heart. My time at The Casa has been nothing but life changing. God has provided and opened doors and I will be forever greatful for the time, and the memories made here. I am so excited for the plan that God has for me and the Casa and i am trusting and waiting for the calling to go back.

      I am thankful for David and Cristina and all that they have done for me since the day we met. May God bless them twice as much as they have blessed me. May God provide peace, and comfort in the hard days, and joy and the reminder that he will remain faithful. Your ministry touches many, and the hands of the great potter are molding it and growing it. Your minsitry impacts many, and has a special place in many hearts. Your heartbeat remains true of this: to glorify and build the kingdom of God. Much love for you and your children! See you soon!

-Shea Diener


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