Casa Dayspring Staff

Casa Dayspring is under the leadership of David and Christina, who are directors of the work and live at the home. They are responsible for the day to day operations and the care of the children and also work as teachers for the children that are not able to attend public school. Rosa is a worker at the house and takes care of meals and cleaning and helps care for the children. Ivette has joined us on this incredible work, she is now teaching and fulfilling every need that we might have.

David and Cristina Gonzalez  

David grew up in El Higo and later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he met Cristina. Cristina also grew up in Mexico, in Ciudad Juarez, and later moved to Atlanta. In the USA, David worked as a painting contractor and Cristina worked in various professions including bookkeeping and teaching ESL. They moved back to El Higo in 2010 and contacted us to volunteer at the orphanage. They joined Dayspring as full time missionaries in May of 2011 and are the administrators of the orphanage and full time house parents .

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Rosa Maria Bautista  


Rosy is originally from a small community in Huejutla, Hidalgo. Is a town located about an hour from El Higo were we are located.

She moved to El Higo when she got married. She has three children, the youngest one is 20 yrs old. She is a very hard working person, cooks great and is very happy to work with us and be able to also make a difference in the kid's lives.

 Anya Bota  
anya Anya is originally from Ukraine and is currently living in Jacksonville, Florida. She works at an elementary school in the ASP program and as substitute teacher. She is a Sunday school teacher and is  leader in teens ministry. She has been going to Mexico for 5 years in a row. She likes reading books, painting, baking, and sports, she likes being active and loves doing crafts. She felt called to come to the orphanage, be with the kids, love them and serve the Lord thru this ministry.


Casa Dayspring is financed entirely by the donations of friends and partners. Your generous gift allows us to continue to make a difference in the lives of children in Mexico. All gifts are tax deductible.